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As a violin Maker, Francesco Piasentini combines Passion with Research. Where Passion stands for fascination for wood and ancient craftmanship, and Research stands for interest on new technologies for investigation on musical instruments.


Piasentini’s Studio offers X-ray MicroComputed Tomography diagnostic and metrology services, in partnership with Sideius. Our clients are musicians, dealers, experts, collectors and restorers.

The Studio collaborates with the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Padova, in the research and development of the applications of MicroCT on musical instruments.


IMG_6964 I create according to the rhythm of my hands. From wood choice to the final acoustic set-up, each step is driven by ancient gestures. Care on details and on the general vision makes each instrument unique. A certification of each construction step can be provided.


The Studio offers acoustic set-ups, repairs and restoration services for bowed stringed instruments. As a long-serving restorer, I believe that being up-to-date is fundamental. I regularly attend meetings and conferences on the subject, and I use MicroCT for planning restoration works.


Band Averages, 174-1495 hz

October 31st, 2016|0 Comments

An example of the vibration patterns, or ODS (Operational Deflecting shape) in my last 41 cm Viola.

The Homecoming of the Stradivari “Messie” – Study Day

October 14th, 2016|0 Comments

“The Absolute Stradivary: the Messie violin 1716|2016”
Study Day, Cremona, 9 Ottobre 2016.

Together with Marco Moscatti (SIDEIUS), Speaking about the “Messie” and its recent industrial CT-Scan performed at TEC Eurolab with the collaboration of Piasentini Studio.

An […]

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Letterpress: a Unique Imprint

July 18th, 2016|0 Comments

Fascinated by ancient practics, I started looking for autenticity.

Printing press, movable lead types, everything gives the cotton paper a physical imprint.

Every instruments that I build carry a piece of narrative: the history of the Italian […]