“The Absolute Stradivary: the Messie violin 1716|2016”
Study Day, Cremona, 9 Ottobre 2016.

Together with Marco Moscatti (SIDEIUS), Speaking about the “Messie” and its recent industrial CT-Scan performed at TEC Eurolab with the collaboration of Piasentini Studio.

An intense day, rich of distinguished contribution from many renowed researchers.

Foto di gruppo dei relatori dello Study Day - Museo del violino Cremona Stradivari Messiah

A treasure chest, willing to show its gourgeos details. An instrument attributed to the “Golden Period” of the most famous Cremonese violin-making workshop. The honour of being there, contributing to the CT-Scan and image post-processing of one the most valuable treasure in violin-making.

Thanks to: the Museo del Violino,  Paolo Bodini (President of Friend of Stradivari), Colin Harrison (Asmolean Museum), Gregg Alf and all of those who made it possible.

A great team, that achieved something that was considered impossible.