Happy to share this news!
After 4 years of intense work, with the support of many friends and institutions my work on the virtual neck reset of the 1716 Stradivari ‘Messiah’ is published in January issue of The Strad Magazine.

This application of X-ray Industrial Computed Tomography (or CT) to cultural heritage opens new horizons on what we can do with these precious datasets.
I hope this will help makers all over the world to benefit from what we can learn through the use of CT

So many people to thanks!
Co-author violin maker and expert Gregg Alf for making it possible, Museo del violino and Ashmolean Museum (Oxford) for giving the chance to explore and share so many hidden details of the instrument, TEC Eurolab Srl for the precious CT expertise and technical support, particularly Paolo Moscatti, Marco Moscatti, Simona Piccinini, Martina Vincetti, Matteo Gavioli; Andrea Scanavini (PRES-X srl) and Flavio Tarsitano (Controllo Qualità Srl) for the 3D print.