Industrial Computed Tomography shows hidden details of an object.

A nice violin may hide quite a few secrets.

In this video we scroll through three direction, slicing the violin in 0.1 mm slices. We start with axial slices, running from the scroll to the button. Growth rings, restorations, shapes and colours: everything moves in synchrony.

Watch this video before buying your next instrument.

If you are a restorer, think of what you can know even before having the instrument in your atelier.

You need just a few hours, and you can have many answers.

CT scan was performed at TEC Eurolab (Modena) on the afternoon the 22th of March, after the A. Stradivari LAM-ex Scotland University violin and the Sabionari guitar. Data post-processing performed at Studio Piasentini, and presented at the first workshop on Industrial Tomography for makers: Workshop liuteria e tomografia – Uno sguardo nuovo su un patrimonio artistico